About us

"I want to cure death, eliminate suffering, tear apart the stars in heaven, and use their mass-energy to maximize eudaimonia for sentient life across the cosmos."

— CosmoHac Core Quote

This quote is our moto and CosmoHac core goal.

CosmoHac is the legacy we want to nourish, along with everyone. In other words we believe it should be our optimum way of living, with respect and love towards life.

So all the necessary actions towards this goal we call them Cosmohacking. Everyone is cosmohacking from time to time, but we want to establish that as a conscious action.

It’s like waking up and knowing that somebody has your back and you can count on them. Imagine now that one day you wake up and you know that all the world has your back, That’s Our Goal!, well we know its a looong shot, but cosmohackers dont back down, its the dream we will strive for.

Some might ask
Whats eudaimonia?
Eudaimonia is the highest human good, it’s when someone reaches an inner level of completeness.