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A free, privacy focused search engine to find website alternatives, discover any competition, affiliates, careers, partners and more

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MoreAlt 1.0beta is Live

We are pleased to announce you our project is finally live. We welcome everyone to come and try our new privacy focused search engine.

MoreAlt website

MoreAlt is not another Google alternative and we are here to replace anyone but to provide our unique search approach.

Here are 3 major features that we would like to start with Deep Tags, Focus System, Find Alternative & Competitor Websites.

MoreAlt Competitors Discovery Tool

Morealt is the ultimate tool for discovering competitors in ANY industry. Our powerful search engine allows you to find alternative websites with content targeting. With Morealt, you can stay on top of the latest trends and strategies, and uncover new opportunities and insights to help you stay ahead of the competition

Competitors Discovery Tool

Deep Tags

MoreAlt's Deep Search allows you to explore the web in a new and innovative way. With our tool, you can easily find inner authoritative pages on a wide range of topics, including affiliate programs, job oportunites, discounts, tutorials, and more. Simply choose from 19 different tags, enter your query, and get the most accurate list of authoritative inner pages for your term. A brand new unique feature, don't miss it!

Deep Tags

Focus System

Using our focus system, you can fine-tune your search to filter out irrelevant results (blog posts, wiki pages, forum posts, or other mixed results) that don't have authority on your term, ensuring that you only receive reliable and authoritative results on the topics you're interested in.

Authority Website Search using Focus System

MoreAlt Features

You can find more about MoreAlt features here